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Cat 9 Project – Cat1

I’ve started Cat1. I’ll be posting some of the creation here, but more detailed information will only be available to the backers of the >>> Cat9 Project. <<<.
If I am unable to achieve funding, I will be posting more details after Thu, Feb 18 2016 11:51 PM EST.

Body, head, legs and tail drying.
Literally… Kitten fingers!
Kitten feet made from… you guessed it. Kitten fingers!

Update to the Cat 9 project

February 12, 2015… 6 days left to the Cat 9 Project. Gotta’ say… with only 5% funded I need a miracle.

I have gone ahead and started Cat 1 which I will finish. I may continue with the 9 cats, but I’m not so sure if anyone is really that interested… we’ll see.

The beginning of Cat 1
The beginning of Cat 1. Yet to be named.